Friday, May 18, 2012

MAC Wimba week 3

As usual, I was unable to attend this week’s Wimba session due to work commitments. My wonderful cohort members Shrav Krishna and Tricia Slechta kindly agreed to meet with me in a Google+ hangout for our own mini Wimba share session. A screencast of the event can be found below.

I really enjoyed having the chance to hear about Shrav and Tricia’s projects; I remember when we were all in the planning stages of AR, and it’s fun to see how far we’ve all come. Shrav and Tricia offered some invaluable feedback on my leadership document about my experiences flipping my physics classroom. I took Shrav’s suggestion that I refer back to Salmon Khan’s “humanizing the classroom” comment in my conclusion to the document, and Tricia and I discussed some of things that I would do differently, given the chance to implement a flipped classroom all over again. Thanks to Tricia and Shrav for their insights!


  1. Very, very cool that you were able to do a hang-out... taking over 70 minutes to cover three projects is a bit long. But OMG, you three are so thorough and supportive with one another. This is such a good example of folks putting in the time to create excellent work. Well done. With permission I might use this as an example of a non-official week3 sharing session.

  2. Joe, you most certainly have my permission! Thanks again, Kim and Tricia, for an excellent hang-out session last week. It was very fun.


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